I Seek Fire

I see men with hollow souls
Extol anarchy with reverence
Burning red like the seething coal
They walk blind in light of ignorance
I see chaos and farce dissent
Rise in the land of my ancestors
And while they forgo the chance to repent
I see them insult my nation with words
I know dissent is not driven by ire
But, I watch and observe, as they try
And should their actions be dire
Hear me come, here’s my war cry
I seek the strength to uphold liberty
As I hoist my nation’s flag higher
And so, I pray to thee, O’ Almighty
I seek fire, I seek fire, I seek fire

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This poem is in response to the anti-intellectual movement taking root in India. 


One thought on “I Seek Fire

  1. Seek the fire, all you may!!
    Hoist the flag with full sway!!
    Good things do come around!!
    Just wait for the silent sound!!

    It’s a movement you started!!
    Follow it thru full hearted!!
    This country, it’s full of cheats!!
    How does one turnaround, completely beats!!

    This is one of the best time!!
    To keep the momentum sublime!!
    Let’s respond with complete valor!!
    The country’s future, we may tailor!!!

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